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Chocolate Fix


The Mayan’s called it ‘the Food of Gods’. The Aztec’s believed it would bring them power and wisdom. The French declared it a ‘dangerous drug’ and today we call it… dark chocolate. So this Valentine’s don’t worry about the silly roses just give me some 85% dark chocolate. *Please note: Other gifts of love or food still welcome. Read more…

Valentine’s Competition Winners:

Congratulations to our Valentine’s competition winners: Lois, Janet Gagg, Mary Stewart , Tara , and Michelle Kalina!

EMMA BE MY VALENTINE: Valentine’s Dinner menu

The most sensuous, but also nutritious, menu I could imagine, would go something like this:

Carpaccio of grass fed beef with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt flakes, lemon zest and a scattering of tiny leaves of fresh seasonal herbs

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Share The Love This Valentine’s

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Nothing? Something? Don’t know?

I’m hoping to receive a card – at least. My partner doesn’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, I’m not overly taken with the tradition either but who’s against being spoiled by gestures of love for a day?

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