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Volcanic Clay Cleansing

Happily finding myself kicking back in Maui (miles away from Auckland’s spectacular weather) I have discovered that there’s nowhere better to detox than Hawaii…. infact, there’s nowhere better to do anything than Hawaii. So here I sit in the sunshine armed with my laptop and a cleansing coconut and spinach smoothie working away.

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Anti-cellulite Recipe: Bone Broth

broth soup

There are two words that should never be uttered in the same sentence: cellulite and bikini. The two words should always stay diametrically opposed. And with Summer nearing closer it’s time to begin the annual battle to get the cellulite off before the bikini goes on. And guess what you’re going to fight it with – bones and vinegar!

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Winter Weight Loss Guide

I don’t know about you but for me Winter is the time when I can easily go up a dress size if I’m not careful. It’s often too cold to go outside for a walk or run and too cold not to indulge in a delicious Otago Pinot Noir, hot chocolate… or a big hearty carby meal for that matter!

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Soup Savior

I know winter’s really set in when my kefir takes an extra day to culture, and I need a carving knife to hack into my coconut oil.  Gosh I hate the cold!

I concocted a delicious soup last night that helped to thaw my insides and warm my spirits.  Used some of my fresh batch of chicken broth.  Must say it was reeeeally good!  Here’s the recipe (rough measurements; adjust to your tastes)

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Recipe for Relaxation

No matter what’s going on in my life… no matter how frazzled and tired I am, there is one fail proof recipe for relaxation that I use to bring me back to my centred, normal, calm self. Here’s my recipe:

1 x Good Fiction Book
(I’m reading Dolci Di Love by Sarah Kate Lynch – you must read it too!)
1 x Hot Bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts
1 x Facial Exfoliator, Mask & Eye Gel
30 mins of uninterrupted ME time

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Love Shake to Get YOU in the Mood

Happy Valentine’s to you lovely ladies out there! I hope your day is going well and you’re in a cheerful mood.
My day is above average… no sign of any mad gestures of love from my partner (which I was expecting) BUT he did get me a Valentine’s card, well sort of, apparently he has not been written in yet due to lack of time (romantic!)… and he did make a half hearted offer to make dinner if “I wanted him to something like that” (reaaally romantic!).

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EMMA BE MY VALENTINE: Valentine’s Dinner menu

The most sensuous, but also nutritious, menu I could imagine, would go something like this:

Carpaccio of grass fed beef with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt flakes, lemon zest and a scattering of tiny leaves of fresh seasonal herbs

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JUICY DETOX TIP: Cucumber & Celery to the Rescue!

How is everyone going on their Detox mission and other New Year’s Resolutions? Since I’ve been back home and into the normal routine I’ve stepped up my Detox mission and on Emma’s instruction bought a juicer. The morning regimen now includes a large glass of vegetable juice before Breakfast – this may sound unappealing but once you find the right combination of ingredients it can taste quite nice believe it or not. The benefits of regular intake of vegetable juice include better digestion, stronger immune system and has been described as working as the ‘building stones of the body’. Celery and cucumber juice are two goodies – after reading why you will want to go and buy a juicer to stick them in immediately!

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Emma’s Organic Ice Cream recipe

Berry Ice Cream Nutrient-dense and a great source of mineral-rich healthy fats.  Recipe adapted from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

School holiday fun idea #1… Make amazing ice cream! Check out recipe

Try this recipe:

Natural Strawberry Ice Cream

2 cups of Full cream or Organic thick cream

1 cup of Full milk or Organic milk

1 cup of Strawberries

To taste Organic agave (sweetner) – available at most supermarkets

To taste Vanilla extract

2 Egg yolks (optional)

Put cream and milk in mixing bowl, whisk in the agave and vanilla until blended. Put contents into food processor with strawberries – add yolks if you wish. Place in ice cream container and put in freezer and leave over night.