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Eat Smarter: The Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen

Should you pay triple the price for an avocado because it is organically grown? Probably not…. but you should if you’re buying celery.

There is a widely differing opinion on whether or not organic produce is nutritionally more beneficial than non-organic and as we all know buying organic can be outrageously expensive. So the real question is – how important is it to buy organic? Aside from the nutritional value the main issue is the chemical residue from pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers that are sprayed onto the produce when farmed. For example, potatoes are sprayed several times with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in their short little lives: as sliced potato “seeds” before they are planted, the leaves are sprayed while the potatoes are growing below, and the mature potatoes are sprayed after they’re harvested. Read more…

Emma’s Organic Ice Cream recipe

Berry Ice Cream Nutrient-dense and a great source of mineral-rich healthy fats.  Recipe adapted from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

School holiday fun idea #1… Make amazing ice cream! Check out recipe

Try this recipe:

Natural Strawberry Ice Cream

2 cups of Full cream or Organic thick cream

1 cup of Full milk or Organic milk

1 cup of Strawberries

To taste Organic agave (sweetner) – available at most supermarkets

To taste Vanilla extract

2 Egg yolks (optional)

Put cream and milk in mixing bowl, whisk in the agave and vanilla until blended. Put contents into food processor with strawberries – add yolks if you wish. Place in ice cream container and put in freezer and leave over night.