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The World Cup Runneth Over


I’m told that the countdown to the World Cup begins. This means that from June 12th and for the ensuing month or so… the sport-loving men, women and children in your life will be bleary eyed from staying up late, hoarse from all that spectator participation, and probably stressed out from unsatisfactory game results.

Those World Cup fans who live in Germany are lucky, because German employers are understanding and sympathetic towards soccer fanatics. It’s been reported that they’re allowing their employees to turn up late for work next day if they’ve stayed up too late to watch the games. For the rest of the world, it’s business as usual, and you’ll just have to suffer for your sport.

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Japanese Potato: Pure Fibre, Zero Calories


Konnyaku (Japanese potato) is a fat-free, zero-calorie food, which has been used in Japanese dishes for over 2,000 years. Japanese potato, also known as the Devil’s Tongue plant, consists of 97% water and 3% glucomannan, a fibre in the form of a viscous substance. It also contains trace minerals like calcium and other important proteins.

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Simple Green Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me you could easily spend hours agonizing over what to get everyone on your Christmas shopping list. So here’s some inspiration on how to keep it simple with a few thoughtful and inexpensive green gift ideas that are sure to please. Here’s my top picks…

Herb garden; from $25
Available from your local garden centre
I love giving plants as gifts… I always like to think the person I’ve given them to will be able to keep them alive longer than I could. Make your own beautiful herb garden to give as a gift this Christmas by picking up a couple of planted herbs and small pots from your local garden centre. Perfect for the gourmet chef who will enjoy fresh herbs on the window sill.

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BEAUTIFY: DIY Skincare Recipes

It can be hard to find an hour out of the day to sit down and really enjoy a bit of skin pampering from your local spa without worrying about the days to-do list… not to mention costly. Some of the most effective ingredients to use on your skin are the ones you probably already have in your cupboard or garden. Cucumber, manuka honey, oranges, eggs… they all work wonders. So why not try making your own skincare with these easy recipes below. My favourite is the Skin Firming Mask – leaves your skin feeling tight and radiant.

Moisturizing Cleanser
For all skin types
1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey UMF 5 or 10+ (this has antibacterial properties)
1 tablespoon Whole Milk
Warm up the honey until it becomes runny (not too hot!) by putting it in a small glass bowl, which is immersed in hot water (or a few seconds in the microwave). Mix the honey and milk well

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Apple Whitening

It’s near impossible to avoid foods that stain your teeth: coffee, red wine, berries, dark chocolate… the list goes on. And no matter how often you visit the dentist, they will inevitably lose their pearly white appearance. Sure you can have them artificially whitened a few times a year but the peroxides that are used (hydrogen and carbamide) wears down tooth enamel exposing dentine and causing sensitivity… not to mention the process can hurt like hell. Equally, brush on teeth whiteners sound good on paper, but are just as bad on your teeth. The Glycerin and alcohol content in brush on teeth whiteners can strip moisture from the teeth, leaving gums (and your breath) in bad shape as well as causing sensitivity.

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Chocolate Fix


The Mayan’s called it ‘the Food of Gods’. The Aztec’s believed it would bring them power and wisdom. The French declared it a ‘dangerous drug’ and today we call it… dark chocolate. So this Valentine’s don’t worry about the silly roses just give me some 85% dark chocolate. *Please note: Other gifts of love or food still welcome. Read more…

Martini or Champagne? Top 4 ‘healthier’ alcoholic beverage choices

martini or champagne

Let’s begin by pointing out the obvious: alcohol is not healthy. Overindulging in alcohol is not healthy. Overindulging on a weekly or fortnightly basis is not healthy either. This guide is for those who lack the ability or will power to say no to a glass of Champagne or 5 over the silly season.

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Grow Your Own Medicine

grow your own medic

Since the beginning of time man has known of the healing powers of herbs, vegetables and fruit. Nowadays we tend to forget that food can actually be our medicine too. This book should really be on every health-conscious individuals book shelf.

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Soup Savior

I know winter’s really set in when my kefir takes an extra day to culture, and I need a carving knife to hack into my coconut oil.  Gosh I hate the cold!

I concocted a delicious soup last night that helped to thaw my insides and warm my spirits.  Used some of my fresh batch of chicken broth.  Must say it was reeeeally good!  Here’s the recipe (rough measurements; adjust to your tastes)

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EMMA BE MY VALENTINE: Valentine’s Dinner menu

The most sensuous, but also nutritious, menu I could imagine, would go something like this:

Carpaccio of grass fed beef with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt flakes, lemon zest and a scattering of tiny leaves of fresh seasonal herbs

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