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The Top 5 Health Supplements Women need: Are You Getting Enough Of Any Of Them?


Life is all about change. We’re constantly changing from the moment we’re born, and as women we pass through several phases of life where our bodies’ needs fluctuate. From puberty, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond, we all need certain nutrients that our bodies can’t, or cease to manufacture, but which are essential for our complicated internal mechanisms to function properly.

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Chocolate Fix


The Mayan’s called it ‘the Food of Gods’. The Aztec’s believed it would bring them power and wisdom. The French declared it a ‘dangerous drug’ and today we call it… dark chocolate. So this Valentine’s don’t worry about the silly roses just give me some 85% dark chocolate. *Please note: Other gifts of love or food still welcome. Read more…

Cleansing Solution: Cabbage Water

cabbage water

Feeling guilty about the weekends over indulgence? Buy a cabbage.

An issue (amongst many) with consuming too much alcohol is that it interferes with your body’s digestive system. Alcohol destroys a significant amount of good bacteria in the gut and can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. A simple health solution would be to avoid alcohol altogether, however for those who choose the less healthier path I have a greener solution – Cabbage water.

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Gracious Goat

A relaxed and healthy weekend for me begins with a trip down to the Farmer’s Markets picking up fresh produce, mindlessly eating a pastry (or two) and fawning over the soft French Chevre (goat’s cheese). Now, I wouldn’t advocate scoffing pastries all weekend but I would recommend indulging in some Chevre.

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Nuts About Coconuts

I have a new and unexpected food addiction: coconuts. Young (green), fresh coconuts that is. Anytime. Anywhere. And unlike most food addictions this one actually assists in weight loss and is anti-ageing.

Coconuts (specifically coconut oil) has been erroneously labeled unhealthy over the past 20 years because it is high in saturated fat- which we all want to avoid … right? However, the saturated fat in coconut oil is completely different from the type of saturated fat found in meats and other vegetable oils. The benefit of using coconuts (and coconut oil) for weight loss is the fact that it is easy to digest. The fat molecules in coconut oil are unique and unlike any other fats and oils. It requires fewer digestive enzymes to be broken down, so instead of being stored as fat, the body converts it straight into useable energy. And, not only is it easy to digest, coconut oil improves the body’s absorption of minerals and vitamins too.

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8 Ways to Improve and Aid Digestion

Efficient digestion is essential to good health, yet many people live with digestive problems for years, thinking that there’s nothing else they can do. Infact digestion problems often go undiagnosed because these complaints are not “serious”. Symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, belching, flatulence, indigestion, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, the feeling of always being hungry are so common that they are seen as normal. Poor digestion equals a sluggish bowel that can retain kilos of old toxic fecal matter that can take its toll on our immune system and eventually leads to more serious disease. Here are 10 things you can do to improve your digestive system:

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Winter Weight Loss Guide

I don’t know about you but for me Winter is the time when I can easily go up a dress size if I’m not careful. It’s often too cold to go outside for a walk or run and too cold not to indulge in a delicious Otago Pinot Noir, hot chocolate… or a big hearty carby meal for that matter!

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Food. What IS and ISN’T Healthy

healthy food

I recently had a discussion with Emma about the various myths around food… a lot of us really don’t know who and what to listen to when it comes to nutrition advise. There’s so much conflicting information out there – Women’s health magazines will tell you to go for low fat options if you want to lose weight or try out soy milk as an alternative and your doctor may say to stay away from soy milk… then your friend will tell you her nutritionist recommended only eating for your blood type?! It’s hard to navigate your way through it all so I thought thought I’d have a little fun and ask Emma to demystify some of the common food myths. Here’s what we came up with:

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JUICY DETOX TIP: Cucumber & Celery to the Rescue!

How is everyone going on their Detox mission and other New Year’s Resolutions? Since I’ve been back home and into the normal routine I’ve stepped up my Detox mission and on Emma’s instruction bought a juicer. The morning regimen now includes a large glass of vegetable juice before Breakfast – this may sound unappealing but once you find the right combination of ingredients it can taste quite nice believe it or not. The benefits of regular intake of vegetable juice include better digestion, stronger immune system and has been described as working as the ‘building stones of the body’. Celery and cucumber juice are two goodies – after reading why you will want to go and buy a juicer to stick them in immediately!

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Emma’s Organic Ice Cream recipe

Berry Ice Cream Nutrient-dense and a great source of mineral-rich healthy fats.  Recipe adapted from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon