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Nutrition facts & DEPRESSION

Some nutritional facts that you might not have known about how the right food and lift your mood:

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Are you Depressed?

Valentine’s Day is a happy day for some and let’s just say, a not so happy day for others. I myself have one friend in particular whom you may refer to as the “Grinch of Valentine’s Day”. Every Valentine’s Day she gets down and goes through a long list of reasons why she feels like a failure even though she is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and successful (in her work life). Which brings me to today’s topic – depression. Everyone gets down in the dumps from time to time, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and your lows are making it difficult to cope with daily life, you may be depressed. Depression is a serious problem for us humans and there are many companies profiting from it, but leaving you short changed and worse off.

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