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IS COFFEE GOOD FOR YOU? The caffeine debate answered

The answer that all you coffee drinkers out there want to hear is that coffee is beneficial, but the honest truth is that caffeine jolts and stresses the adrenal glands and can eventually lead to adrenal exhaustion. And the ‘lift’ you get after a coffee is not because it gives you natural healthy energy; it’s a stimulant.  And decaffeinated is no better; it may have less caffeine, but is still highly acidic, dehydrating, demineralising to the bones especially and contains chemicals from the extra processing. If you do love coffee, keep it to a minimum, savour and enjoy a high quality organic brew and treat it as a ‘treat’, not as a health tonic!

CAFFEINE DEBATE – Is Coffee Good For You?

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. One thing I love doing is catching up with a friend over a flat white from my local café. But the question I raise today is – is it coffee good for us?

Often I come across conflicting articles about whether coffee is good for your body all the time. The most recent article I read claimed that coffee could reduce the risk of Cancer and Alzheimer’s as well as prevent Diabetes – some very big health claims right?

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