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Sugar-free Easter Recipes

DIY Easter chocolate

Those who know me know that I have an incredibly sweet tooth and LOVE chocolate. From age 5 I’d eat so much in one go that I’d give myself a migraine… needless to say by age 6 chocolate was banned from the house aside from Easter time. Easter became more exciting than Christmas for me.

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I LOVE Dark Chocolate

Came across this cute little ditty this week:

A Lady, while eating her dinner, declared that she’d rather be thinner: “But food has a race to get in my face, and chocolate is always the winner.”

If only this lady knew that she could have her chocolate and slim down too!  … and that it has to do with the kind of chocolate she had been eating, and a lot more to do with what was in her actual dinner.

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Eat Chocolate for your Health

Doing the weekly grocery shop around Easter is always a very good test of will power! As I walked into the supermarket yesterday, bombarded with chocolate Easter eggs and being (what some people would term) a chocoholic I dig deep, very deep resisting the temptation to buy the whole display!

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