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Beauty through the ages

This month’s Vogue Australia (June edition), I’ve addressed some of the particularly important issues (affecting the skin and deeper) that should be addressed during different stages of a woman’s life.  For example, minimising bone demineralisation in the 20’s, fertility and nourishment in the 30’s, oxidative stress in the 40’s, and hormones in the 50’s.

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Ageless Beauty & NATUREBEE

Featured in this month’s Vogue Australia (June edition, p 118-125), Emma talks about Women’s health needs through the various stages of her life and how NATUREBEE can help.

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JUICY DETOX TIP: Cucumber & Celery to the Rescue!

How is everyone going on their Detox mission and other New Year’s Resolutions? Since I’ve been back home and into the normal routine I’ve stepped up my Detox mission and on Emma’s instruction bought a juicer. The morning regimen now includes a large glass of vegetable juice before Breakfast – this may sound unappealing but once you find the right combination of ingredients it can taste quite nice believe it or not. The benefits of regular intake of vegetable juice include better digestion, stronger immune system and has been described as working as the ‘building stones of the body’. Celery and cucumber juice are two goodies – after reading why you will want to go and buy a juicer to stick them in immediately!

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