Partner’s Guide to Surviving the Man Flu


Recipe for disaster: Common cold + men = Man Flu. Some colds are worse than others and every case is different but for most Men the common cold can make them feel very very ill. Yes you may have had a cold last week and soldiered on at work and managed to maintain your domestic duties while you were sick, but for men it can be a little too much to handle. So how can you manage through when your partner is struck down by the Man Flu? Here’s a few pointers:

Clear your schedule

You are in for the long haul as you fetch medication, warm soup and even run errands them if the case is severe. Best to clear your schedule even take time off work so you can devote your time entirely to your man’s well being.

Be patient

Being sarcastic about the “Man Flu” probably won’t help right now. Try and be patient and supportive. Encourage them to drink water, eat something and rest. Think of it this way… the sooner they get better the sooner they’ll be able to resume normal life

Cleaning up

Remember everything your partner touches might be germy. Encourage hand washing, change pillow slips and disinfect surfaces.

Vitamin and mineral boost

Make sure he is taking NATUREBEE to help his body fight off the cold as it contains Vitamin C and every vitamin and mineral known to man. Up the dosage to 6 capsules a day to ensure maximum nutritional support – it’s 100% natural so you can’t over do it. Don’t forget to take your NATUREBEE Potentiated Bee Pollen as you will need to keep your energy up and stress levels down.

Stock up

Head straight to the supermarket. Stock up on their favourite home comforts such as magazines and tissues. Store them within arms’ reach to ensure that your man has to make minimal effort – concentrating all resources on getting better.

All fun and joking aside – it’s never fun to be sick. We recommend you take NATUREBEE Potentiated Bee Pollen religiously over these coming months and build up your immune system to help protect your body against those nasty Winter bugs.

Sarah x

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About the author
New Zealand based Nature Bee was born in 1997 when Jeff and Ben Cook joined forces. The father / son team discovered a special process developed by Canterbury University, still considered to be ground breaking today, that unlocks the nutrients of bee pollen, making it far more digestible than normal bee pollen. This proprietary process was later to be named the ‘potentiation process' and is continually used only by Nature Bee on their New Zealand bee pollen. Nature Bee is now available in almost every country in the world.

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