Natural Weight Management Solution


Spring is coming and are you wondering how you can shed those extra ponds that have sneaked on over the winter.

Natural diet supplements are the ideal choice to lose weight in a safe, healthy, and effective manner.

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5 Tips to Help You Eat Healthy and Live A Vibrant, Healthy Life This Autumn Season


One thing we can always be guaranteed of in life is change. Nature reminds us of this in the ever-changing rhythm of the seasons. Our weather has certainly changed. The temperatures have become cooler and the days are shorter. The morning air is brisk, and it’s time to start thinking about winter jackets and woolly hats.

Those long, summer days of bright berries, crisp salads and succulent fresh fruit are almost behind us. While you might be disappointed to see the last of the summer salads, there are a plethora of yummy foods for you to choose from in Autumn.

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The Top 5 Health Supplements Women need: Are You Getting Enough Of Any Of Them?


Life is all about change. We’re constantly changing from the moment we’re born, and as women we pass through several phases of life where our bodies’ needs fluctuate. From puberty, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond, we all need certain nutrients that our bodies can’t, or cease to manufacture, but which are essential for our complicated internal mechanisms to function properly.

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Venomous Botox Alternative

Some grow old gracefully, while others fight and scratch the whole way. It’s an innate part of human nature to want to stop the ageing process, especially when it comes to our appearance. So, what if I told you there was a natural Botox alternative that doesn’t cost the Earth and is completely pain free…

Made famous by the likes of Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles and other celebrities, New Zealand Bee Venom Mask has become the anti-ageing beauty treatment du jour, touted as ‘Nature’s Botox’. And for good reason too. When bee venom is applied to skin it fools it into thinking it has been gently stung stimulating collagen production beneath the surface. The collagen production has an instant firming and tightening effect on the skin. Our Nature C Bee Venom Mask has been specially formulated for use as a leave on cream or a wash off mask. I like to apply a small amount each morning before putting make-up on – it plumps up the skin and gives it a healthy glow. Alternatively, using it as a wash off mask twice a week will still give you great results. When first applying the mask you may feel a slight tingle, there’s no need to be alarmed this is just the mask doing its job. The tingling sensation goes away after a few minutes, for some you may feel nothing at all. Results are cumulative so the longer you use the product the better the result.

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Detox Secret Weapon

After a month (or two) of decadence it’s time to say goodbye to the booze, bon voyage to the late nights and good riddance to sugar. Oh yes, it’s detox time and today I start mine.

The biggest mistake many make when embarking on a detox is not easing into it first. Going cold turkey on sugar for instance can spike insulin levels, drag energy levels way down and make you crave it all that much more. So my first detox tip is: Preparation.

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Top 5 Anti-Ageing Products

Wildbouty bee venom mask

Last week Lifestyle Asia HK named Wild Bounty Bee Venom Mask as one of the top 5 new anti-ageing products in Hong Kong and for good reason. The beautifully packaged mask has been touted as the natural alternative to Botox.

Dermatologist Lisa Lam explains “when first applying the mask you will feel a very slight tingling sensation, which is completely normal – this is simply the mask working and stimulating the collagen production beneath the skins surface. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off. After using the mask my skin felt immediately tighter. You will see more dramatic results when using it over a few weeks. It is the best anti-ageing product I’ve come across in my career – and its natural”.

Final Countdown

Wild Bounty

Where has time gone? It seems to be evaporating these past few months! I’ve been so busy setting up our Wild Bounty natural health food store here in Hong Kong that I haven’t had a chance to write. Moving to Asia for work I’ve had to adapt hard and fast to my new surroundings and there have already been invaluable things I’ve learnt over the past 4 months…

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Japanese Potato: Pure Fibre, Zero Calories


Konnyaku (Japanese potato) is a fat-free, zero-calorie food, which has been used in Japanese dishes for over 2,000 years. Japanese potato, also known as the Devil’s Tongue plant, consists of 97% water and 3% glucomannan, a fibre in the form of a viscous substance. It also contains trace minerals like calcium and other important proteins.

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Miracle Chinese Detox

He Shou Wu

Living in Hong Kong I am surrounded by an abundance of fresh vegetables, live fish and meats on the streets. The melange makes for a very colourful neighbourhood – the aroma however, is another story.

One amazing thing I found here tucked away in a Chinese traditional medicine shop is a root herb known for its detoxifying benefits and ability to get rid of bloating – He Shou Wu (or Fo-ti Root).

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Mercury Fishing


Fish is a staple in my diet. I think I could actually live off tuna sashimi and dark chocolate… maybe add in some C (C Coconut Water) and a few fresh green juices. I’m just a girl with simple needs, well simpler than some let’s just say.

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