School holiday fun idea #1… Make amazing ice cream! Check out recipe

Try this recipe:

Natural Strawberry Ice Cream

2 cups of Full cream or Organic thick cream

1 cup of Full milk or Organic milk

1 cup of Strawberries

To taste Organic agave (sweetner) – available at most supermarkets

To taste Vanilla extract

2 Egg yolks (optional)

Put cream and milk in mixing bowl, whisk in the agave and vanilla until blended. Put contents into food processor with strawberries – add yolks if you wish. Place in ice cream container and put in freezer and leave over night.

Stress Relief – through what you eat

It’s important to know that when we eat foods that are processed, ladened with refined sugars and processed fats, or even foods that are relatively ‘healthy‘ but too much, too fast or too late, we literally ‘stress’ our body via the intestinal tract, causing not just a digestive nightmare but immune reactions and a cortisol rush.

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De-stress tips

The Stresses of daily life can take a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health. Sometimes dealing with the issues first hand just isn’t possible, so here’s a few tips to help reduce stress levels.

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5 ways for Women to De-Stress

Let’s face it, looking after your health is not always easy and stress can play a major part. Most of us are so busy looking after everyone else’s needs at work and home that we forget to take time for ourselves.

Scientists agree that stress actually causes chemical changes in the brain that can influence the state of your health. Often people feel the effects of stress as various aches and pains, fatigue, headaches, or as anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping. Stress affects others by causing gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers, lower abdominal cramps, and irritable bowel syndrome. You can’t completely eliminate stress from your life but you can reduce it. Try a few of these stress management techniques…

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