New Year’s Resolution – D E T O X!

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Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions yet? How are you feeling after the silly season?

My New Year’s Resolution is to start 2011 with a DETOX! After 3 weeks of non-stop eating and a few too many glasses of Champagne and obligatory wine my body is feeling pretty sluggish.

There are many weird and wonderful ways you can detox your body and it is always best to do it SLOWLY and with the help of a professional. Emma will be guiding me through this process. If Detoxing isn’t your thing you may want to simply start drinking more water, avoid the alcohol, eat a little healthier and add a natural healthfood product to your diet like Triple Action Resveratrol (which will act as a super antioxidant to help flush out toxins) or Potentiated Bee Pollen (which will replenish every cell in your body and act as an antioxidant as well).

Right now I’m in Vietnam eating the most delicious and nutritious local cuisine that is completely free of preservatives and processing. With one week left in this beautiful country I am ready to start my detox program (consisting of many vegetable juices, Potentiated Bee Pollen (of course) and a lot more) – kindly written by Emma. Wish me luck.

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About the author
New Zealand based Nature Bee was born in 1997 when Jeff and Ben Cook joined forces. The father / son team discovered a special process developed by Canterbury University, still considered to be ground breaking today, that unlocks the nutrients of bee pollen, making it far more digestible than normal bee pollen. This proprietary process was later to be named the ‘potentiation process' and is continually used only by Nature Bee on their New Zealand bee pollen. Nature Bee is now available in almost every country in the world.

33 Replies to New Year’s Resolution – D E T O X!

  1. Joanne Hodgson says:

    I am going to start simple, I already drink a bit of water but I do want to try to drink more, maybe by drinking some green tea also, and I desperatly need to get some exercise so I’ll start by some gentle walking at night after the kids go to bed.

  2. Choo says:

    I’ve always wished to lose some weight and be healthy. Now I’m in my early 50s but I still manage to keep up my good shape and do long hours shopping, that’s because I’ve been taking yoga classes since 2 years before! This year I hope to continue and keep going to the classes and be a healthy woman! Detox is a good idea and I might start mine too. Thanks

  3. Katrina says:

    This year I plan on eating more healthy foods and getting fitter whilst maintaining my new-found weight – Go Me!

  4. Millie says:

    I am going to work on remaining healthy with plenty of fresh air, excercise but will put more emphasis on eating less – oh I love food – only need to loose about 3 ofr 4 kilos but that is my aim for the next 3 months. Now that the festive season is over I will revert to skinny food!!!!!!!! But boy it was great over the festive period. Detox – what a great idea.

  5. Stepanka says:

    I’m not too demanding on myself :) , I just want to take it easier but more importantly – I’d like to cut down my intake of coffee, I’m trying for 2 cups a day only. Thank you.

  6. JV says:

    I’m working towards being able to run 5k. I’ve been incorporating jogging into my fitness routine for a while but really want to push it to the next level. So I have a plan to increase my distance a little every week.

  7. Val Craig says:

    With the help of NautureBee I intend to live life to the fullest, live for the moment, because you never know when the moments will come to an end. If this means that I can loose a little wieght and take some more exercise I will be very happy.

  8. jeff says:

    I will let you know how I go this time

  9. Cherie says:

    With 3 busy kids and working shift work nursing my body & mind is in dire need of a detox – maybe NatureBee will help me!!

  10. Debbie Herring says:

    Hi yes i want to be serious about losing weight. I would love to lose at least 5 kilos. That would be a good start.
    I will try and drink more water.
    And I will try and be more loving and kind to everyone. There is always room for more of those feelings.
    Everyone needs to be treated the way we want people to treat us.


  11. Jem says:

    This year I want to really nourish my skin and body from both the outside and within. Naturebee can help me with this as after ordering their honey I had the opportunity to read about their wonderful range of products that feed your body both through suppliments and their natural skincare range. It is my first decision of the year to order the Pamper Pack and a range of suppliments to help me on my way to great health and wellbeing.

  12. Lorraine says:

    What more than to be HAPPY, HEALTHY after taking NatureBee, what more could I want at 73.

  13. Debbe says:

    To try and organize my time more…..not just for work stuff but also to make sure I have time with the kids, my partner, and also ME time.
    Part of the ME time is to get out and do some more walking etc, I’ve got a bit lazy with the heat – I think it’s an easy excuse to use

  14. paula scarello says:

    I am 54 years old nanny (not grandmother ) as I think Im too young for that, last year I joined a gym to tone and get my heart rate going, this year I am going to make sure I go more often and do some of the classes there, drink more water to hydrate my body and skin, make sure I dont miss breakfast.
    Drink less coffee at work and more green tea and also relax and find time for me, always putting my children and grandchildren first.
    So this year new resolution is looking after ME ( gym, good healthy food, excercise and time for me).

  15. Jean Britt says:

    I resolved to not to nag my husband quite as much as I do.

  16. Julie says:

    2011 has to be a better year all round for me so I have told myself to be positive and think healthy, happy and wealthy and drink lots of water to detox my past negative thoughts

  17. Amy says:

    My new years resolution is to spend more time with my family doing things out doors. We got a new dog late last year and that has been a really good incentive to get out more, we have also started bush walking which the kids really enjoy and keeps us fit at the same time, win win! Thanks

  18. Carol Anelay says:

    I would like to lose some weight and have some ME time!!!!

  19. Georgina Leigh says:

    My New Years resolution is to spend less time on Facebook and more time being active.

  20. ruth says:

    My resolution is to strive to be natural rather than normal.

  21. Kathie Tanner says:

    I am going to work on reducing my cholesterol through diet and exercise and making some serious lifestyle changes

  22. Loisanne says:

    I have always hated drinking water, even bottled water. So this year I have been adding a squeeze of lime juice and it doesn’t taste that bad.

  23. rebecca hill says:

    I have three:

    1. Drink more water (which appears to be a frequent resolution)
    2. Spend less time yelling at my kids and more time hugging them (if I can catch them)
    3. Read more books

  24. Nat says:

    Firstly, I am going to lay off the alcohol and substitute with lemon water…. Stop eating brandy snaps, pavalove and all the other treats that are commonly found this time of year!

  25. Jacqui Abell says:

    This year I’m going to be more positive about everything but most importantly I’m going to smile at everyone who walks my way………one smile often generates happiness in another.

  26. Savitri says:

    My New Year resolution is to look after myself as much as possible in terms of my health and to maintain it throughout the year to the best of my ability.

  27. Marie says:

    To really give it ago and exasise more and loose this weight that is causing me so many health issues

  28. Liz says:

    My 2011 resolution package is all centred on February: I will join Febfast (no drinking) and also during February, to maintain my alcohol-free commitment, will join a local ladies exercise class, walk the dog, eat only good foods and stop buying ‘stuff’ (unneeded items).

    All this is planned as it will follow a ‘horrible event’ in 12 days time (who is counting??) when I turn (can hardly bear to write it) 60.

    So! to counteract all of this ‘de-toxing’ (and boost my esteem after having my 2nd 30th birthday), I will invest in some well deserved beauty treatments and massage.

  29. Andrew says:

    My main 3 New Year Resolutions are to Live more, Laugh More and Love More!

    Part of that is to be healthy and fit and work on the 3 F’s, Fitness, Flexibility and loose Fat!

    To that I will do more Recreation and Relaxing.
    Drink more Water

    I’ve started off my year already by Swimming, Walking more and I am waiting for my Shanti Acupressure Mat that I have just purchased! Hopefully it will increase my energy and help me sleep better etc.

  30. Andrew says:

    My main 3 New Year Resolutions are to Live more, Laugh More and Love More!

    Part of that is to be healthy and fit and work on the 3 F’s, Fitness, Flexibility and loose Fat!

    To achieve that I will do more Recreation and Relaxing.
    Drink more Water

    I’ve started off my year already by Swimming, Walking more and I am waiting for my Shanti Acupressure Mat that I have just purchased! Hopefully it will increase my energy and help me sleep better etc.

  31. Yolande Jeffares says:

    Study hard, do well in my papers this year.

  32. kathie says:

    To have a healthy balance with study and family ! and to keep active even if it is just gardening !

  33. Loisanne says:

    Just because I have been diagnosed with heart disease does not mean I still cant exercise. So up I get and off I go. Some decent footwear might be on the wish list lol

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