Don’t Blame It On The Boogie – Blame It On The Sunshine

Women’s health is a multi-faceted issue, and the department of ageing is one of the facets we deal with every day. In a country like Australia, the sun is responsible for the vast majority of visible ageing, so this is a major reason to re-think spending your next RDO on the beach or by the pool in your string bikini!

In research involving almost 300 women – 50 percent of whom were dedicated sun-worshippers, the other 50 percent who always avoided the sun, it was found that UV rays accounted for  80 percent per cent of skin ageing, including wrinkles and brown spots.


This research also found that just a two per cent increase in skin damage can add at least three years to your face!

Dermatologists examined the faces of 298 women, aged 30 to 78, with 12 experts studying photographs of individual faces on a screen. The results showed that the effect of UV exposure increases with age. There were significant differences in wrinkles and skin-texture quality after  the age of 50, with the  sun-seekers looking older than their real age.


So this means that the older you are, the more damage the sun can do to your skin. It stands to reason. After 30, there begins a natural breakdown in the production of collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of healthy skin. So by going out in the sun for prolonged periods, especially without protection, this natural breakdown of your skin’s infrastructure is greatly accelerated.

Soaking up the sun is a passion in Australia, and many people think that a golden tan is the ultimate fashion accessory. But the truth is that long-term UV exposure  can lead to pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. The texture of your skin breaks down and takes on a yellow hue. That tan might look great with your new white halter top, but think about the long term damage. Instead of worshipping the sun, think about preserving your body’s largest organ.  Nobody wants to look 50 when they’re only 40, and these days there are lots of great ‘fake tanning’ products that can give you a subtle glow without the damage.

There is no need to re-state the obvious precautions, but when it comes to every day protection from UV rays, a good sunscreen is essential. This one from the Nature C family of skincare products is particularly good because it’s lighter than many sunscreens and goes on well under makeup. It’s non-greasy, smells good, and best of all it contains Manuka honey which is your skin’s very best friend.


Ageing is unavoidable…but by avoiding too much sun, you can reduce excess skin damage and keep those youthful good looks.

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