Bee Venom Mask

What if I told you there was a natural alternative that doesn’t cost the Earth and lies in one small creature – the Honey Bee. Made famous by reported users; Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles and other celebrities, New Zealand Bee Venom Mask has become nature’s alternative to Botox.

The NATUREBEE Bee Venom Mask is made from 100% pure New Zealand Bee Venom and Active Manuka Honey UMF 10+. The Active Manuka Honey in the mask is said to help repair damaged skin as well as protecting it from sun damage. When first applying the mask you will feel a slight tingling sensation, which is completely normal and quite refreshing – this is also how you know the mask is working. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off. After using the mask my skin felt immediately tighter. The results are cumulative so the longer you use it the more dramatic the results.

So how does it work?

The venom produced by bees has two purposes: to defend against attackers and to weaken or paralyze prey. When bee venom is applied to skin it fools it into thinking it has been gently stung. The muscles, that cause the wrinkles in the first place, relax and ‘weaken’ and the body’s internal healing process is stimulated. Blood flows to the area and spurs the production of natural occuring proteins Collagen and Elastin, essential for youthful looking skin. The result is an instant plumping and tightening effect. Because pure bee venom alone is too harsh on the skin other ingredients have been combined to make bee venom skincare –it really is advanced anti aging skincare, and what’s better it’s natural.

NATUREBEE Bee Venom Mask (50g) is available online here.

Note: It is recommended that you do a patch test if it’s your first time using the product and if you’re allergic to bee stings then forget about using the product altogether. To extract bee venom, Beekeepers place a special glass surface alongside the bee hive and a weak electrical current is run through it, which encourages the bees to gently sting the glass. Because the bees are stinging a surface they can’t penetrate, their abdomens remain intact – so they don’t die.


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About the author
Sarah Kapeli is the Marketing Manager of NatureBee Healthfoods. Sarah is passionate about good health and wellbeing and has gained considerable knowledge of natural healthfoods and the effects on the body through her work.

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