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Further to Sarah’s comment on ‘Low Fat’ foods (or “non-foods” as I prefer to call them), these do not support weight loss.  On the contrary, foods that have been processed and stripped of their fat can actually encourage the body to produce more fat.  It’s a subject that has been completely confused and abused.  There’s lots we need to relearn about fats, but to get you started, here’s a few simple tips to keep in mind to kick start your weight loss and improve your overall health also:* Incorporate cold-pressed coconut oil in your diet daily
* Choose butter (ideally organic and ‘cultured’) over olive oil (less conducive to fat production)
* Use extra virgin olive oil or avocado in your salad, not both
* Limit or avoid nuts while you’re trying to drop kilos
* Only ever cook with (heat) butter, ghee or coconut oil
* Eat raw fats like organic egg yolk, for their lipase content (the fat-digesting enzyme)

There are so many other reasons to eat high quality fats, especially saturated fats, for their nourishing, anti-ageing an immune-supportive actions also.

So ditch the skim milk, toxic margarine, egg-white omelette, Diet drinks and anything “Lite” (a non-word for non-food) and get back to real foods like butter, poached eggs, coconut cream, whole goats’ milk, full-fat sheep’s yoghurt, and creamy avocados. It’s vitally important the you know your fats and understand what the real weight-gain culprits are.
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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I just discovered your website, and I’m loving it. I’ve read “Deep Nutrition” by Catherine Shanahan and I’ve also read a lot about the Perfect Health Diet & as well as other Paleo diets. I’m glad I’ve discovered another whole food-promoting blog :D

    I was just wondering why avoid both avocado and olive oil in a salad? Is it because of the calorie content?

    p.s. I tried raw egg yolk with germinated brown rice & cinnamon today (with miso dressing). It tasted so good! (I only tried half-cooked before, so…)

    • Sarah Kapeli says:

      Hi Stephanie

      I hope you’re still enjoying my blog. There really isn’t many ‘whole food’ promoting content – especially not online.

      I recommended not putting the two together simply for ease of digestion. The body responds well when there is only one fat present in a meal. It definitely has nothing to do with calorie counting (I am very against that).

  2. Pogs says:

    Hi Emma,
    I’m not sure if you are still posting on this website but hopefully you can reply…
    From your web site and your posts I’ve understood that dairy can actually be really good at getting the right fats into your body…. however I have endometriosis and have been off dairy as i was told that dairy is the main dietary source of Arachidonic Acid (the fat used by your body to produce muscle-contracting F2 Alpha Prostaglandins). I was told that If i reduce dairy then I will reduce the F2 Alpha Prostaglandins which can would otherwise increase pelvic pain, cramps, and inflammation. Just wanted to know if you had any comments on this? Is there a balancing act between the right fats to reduce inflammation and those which promote pain? I really like dairy and haven’t had issues with digesting it in the past.. however because I’m doing lots of other things to reduce symptoms I’m not sure how much good the “no dairy” is really doing.

  3. Emma Sgourakis says:

    To Pogs,
    High quality Dairy can be hugely beneficial if you tolerate it well (have the digestive capacity). Arachidonic Acid was always seen as the ‘bad’ animal fat, but actually it’s more a problem from your body’s conversion of AA from unsaturated fats (plant oils etc). I highly recommend reading this article and the associated research:
    Endometriosis is a problem of estrogen dominance. Removing all sources of polyunsaturated fats, minimising stress, avoiding phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens, the pill etc. and optimizing liver and thyroid function. lots at play and more than can be answered here! Contact me directly should you need further advice.

  4. Pogs says:

    Thanks Emma,
    Thanks for the article, had to concentrate to follow it and will no doubt need to read it more than once.
    Yeah I’ve been focused on getting my liver in awesome flushing/converting order and revamped the toiletries about a year ago now (psoriasis loved me for that also :) ) Never been on the pill so all good there. I’m seeing a good natro/herbalist/nutritionist here in perth and happy with results thus far but will discuss dairy fats more at next appointment. Thanks for the wisdom sharing.

  5. Sarrah says:

    Wow so i can eat food with a bit of flavor!! JOY lol Thanks for the great information. :)

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