JUICY DETOX TIP: Emma’s juicing tips

- With a conventional juicer, always consume your juice freshly made.

- Keep your juices vegetable based. For a little sweetness, adding one green apple can be enough to make it palatable without a huge sugar hit. Better still, add a few drops of liquid stevia.

- If you add carrot or beetroot, limit it to no more than 25%, otherwise the sugar content gets to high.

- Always drink juice on an empty stomach, especially if it contains sugars (carrot, beet, apple…)

- It’s particularly important to use organic when you juice, as the chemical residue of the produce becomes concentrated.

- The mix Sarah suggests is a great one. A bit of cos lettuce and parsley add excellent blood-building chlorophyll also.

- Other optional (but highly recommended) ingredients you could play with adding: Celtic sea salt (for minerals), a pinch of cayenne pepper (for digestion and alkalinity) and virgin coconut oil (for nixing systemic fungals, stimulating weight loss and to make the fat-soluble nutrients absorbable).

- Even though it’s an easy-to-gulp-down liquid, always “chew” your juice and sip it slowly.

- Wait at least 20 minutes before consuming food.

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