I LOVE Dark Chocolate

Came across this cute little ditty this week:

A Lady, while eating her dinner, declared that she’d rather be thinner: “But food has a race to get in my face, and chocolate is always the winner.”

If only this lady knew that she could have her chocolate and slim down too!  … and that it has to do with the kind of chocolate she had been eating, and a lot more to do with what was in her actual dinner.

Some notes about dark chocolate:

  • A Lesser Evil: The first thing to be clear on is: chocolate is by no means a ‘health food’ as such; it will not contribute to making you a healthier person.  But what it does do is provide us with a ‘safer poisonthan other rather more toxic and digestively-taxing treats that we could be eating instead.  It’s far less troublesome than other desserts or ‘non-foods’.  And, emotionally, it keeps us feeling satisfied, comforted, happy and sane … so we don’t go reaching for the Tim Tams or ice cream instead.
  • Cleansing-friendly: As long as it contains a minimum of 70% cocoa solids (check the ingredients; some “dark chocolate” can contain as little as 48%).  Any less than 70% and it will contain too much sugar and things like milk solids.  So although it is an acidic substance and by no means a ‘perfect food’, it causes so little harm and contains so little sugar, it won’t feed yeasts like other desserts will, and allows you a pleasurable after-dinner delight without sabotaging your cleansing efforts with the abundance of juice and greens you have daily of course!unless you have a wee bit too much; do try to limit yourself to 40 grams!  Ask your partner to hide the rest of the block from you if you don’t trust yourself!!


  • Digestively Neutral: Whether you’ve had baked starchy vegetables and salad or fish and greens for dinner, dark chocolate mixes either way (ie; it won’t hamper the digestion of starch or flesh)

A brand I’ve been enjoying lately is Scarborough Fair Trade Chocolate. They do a fabulous 72% dark chocolate (you want to always stick to 70% or more cocoa solids otherwise it will be too high in sugar and contain milk solids also).  As well as being delicious, it’s also one of the only true Fair Trade chocolate brands; this is really important to note when purchasing both cocoa bean and coffee bean products.

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