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This month’s Vogue Australia (June edition), I’ve addressed some of the particularly important issues (affecting the skin and deeper) that should be addressed during different stages of a woman’s life.  For example, minimising bone demineralisation in the 20’s, fertility and nourishment in the 30’s, oxidative stress in the 40’s, and hormones in the 50’s.

When you nourish the body at a cellular level, diligently thoughtfully and daily, your efforts will be reflected in a beautiful, healthy body that ages slowly and gracefully.  Actually, ‘effort‘ is the wrong word; it denotes pain and work.  I eat deeply nourishing beauty food every day and love every mouthful.  If it doesn’t taste amazing, you’re not doing it right!

In addition to the tips in the article, here are a few more thoughts
Make sure your digestion is firey – low HCl production means that the cascade of digestive enzymes and juices will not be secreted in healthy amounts; pepsin, lipase, bile etc.  I cannot underestimate how important this is: you could be eating the best food in the world but if you don’t have the digestive capacity to break down the food to it’s tiniest constituents (eg. amino acids) then not only will you not be able to utilise the nutrition leading to malnourishment and cell degeneration, but you can also damage to the intestinal lining, inflammation, immune reactions and toxic accumulation.  Fungals and parasites can also wreak havoc in an overly alkaline gut.  Have your digestive fire assessed and optimised.  This is something I address and fine-tune with all of my program clients.

Balance your hormones – without knowing it, your ‘bad’ oestrogen’s (namely estrone and estradiol) may be elevated and causing all manner of nasty side effects, including emotional issues, uncontrollable sugar cravings, excess weight that sits around ‘the middle’ (tum, bum and hips), skin pigmentation and fertility issues.  Until your particular hormone profile is established and rebalanced, no amount of self-help books, will-power, or anti-ageing beauty creams will correct the chemical battle going on in your endocrine system.  A Salivary Hormone Test is a must for all women at any age.  And with the results, there’s so much that can be done through tailoring your nutrition specifically to correct this.  Keeping your hormones in harmony is also vital for preventing breast and ovarian cancers later on.


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