4 Realistic Health Tips cont.

Water: Yes, remember to also “eat” your water!  The water contained in high-water-content foods such as cucumbers, will hydrate your cells fat better than any amount of tap water.  The co-factors such as electrolytes help to carry the H2O through the cell wall.  Also remember to limit / avoid the things that ‘dehydrate’ the cells in the first place: coffee, alcohol, table salt.

Sugar: And remember that all carbohydrates (no matter how “complex”) are made up of simple sugars, and therefore break down into sugar in the blood.
So, all bread = M&M’s = biscuits = rice = brown = mangoes = honey = potato = sugar!!
And when it comes to dark chocolate, make sure it’s minimum 70% cacao, even better 85% … Note that 85% has half the sugar of 70%.

Exercise:  To encourage true ‘balance’, it’s so vitally important to take time to practice calming, stress-reducing low-impact exercise, not just the higher-impact stuff.  Anything that brings your cortisol and heart-rate down, whether it be walking, tai chi, qi-gong, stretching, gentle re-bounding, yoga …

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