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“A moment on the lips, an inch on the hips”…I must have heard this expression hundreds of times but what makes that ‘moment’ so damn good?! If you’re the kind of person who can never say no to dessert, never stop at the one piece of chocolate then I have a question for you… are you addicted to sugar?

A French study conducted at the University of Bordeaux, France has proven that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine. The study took rats, which had previously been addicted to cocaine and gave them a choice between sugar water and cocaine… 94% of them quickly chose sugar water. Not even increased doses of cocaine could wean the rats off sugar once they were hooked. So what makes sugar so addictive? When we consume sugar, we literally get a sugar high: an extreme endorphin rush in the brain. And just like other addictive drugs we start to get used to the sugar high and eventually need more to achieve the same effect.

 A product of our modern society, sugar addiction is leading to increased global obesity. In the 1900s people consumed about 15 grams of fructose daily compared with an astonishing 150 grams that your average person eats today. Giving up sugar altogether may not be realistic but you can cut down on your intake by replacing it with an all-natural alternative: Stevia.

Stevia is a 100 percent natural sweetener that is derived from the leaves of a South American shrub. Stevia contains no additives and tastes like real sugar. Stevia is a healthier alternative to other sweeteners because it contains a zero glycemic index and contains no harmful chemicals that can interfere with bodies digestive system.

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About the author
Sarah Kapeli is the Marketing Manager of NatureBee Healthfoods. Sarah is passionate about good health and wellbeing and has gained considerable knowledge of natural healthfoods and the effects on the body through her work.

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