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Indulgent is a word I have used far too often lately when describing meals out and social appointments alike. So last week I chose to practice the virtues of another word… repentance.

My repentance came in the form of PHD Cleanse.

Kiwi owned and operated, Pure Health Delivered (PHD) Cleanse is a juicing company that specialize in raw cold-press juice cleanses delivered to your door. They offer a range of cleanse options from 3-day basic cleanses to advanced 5 day ones. Not wanting to be over ambitious I decided to try their 3-day basic cleanse.

The first challenge was finding 3 days where I could abstain from eating – its just plain awkward attending a lunch meeting and not ordering food. With my Tuesday – Thursday locked in I had the juices promptly delivered in one hit the night before… 9 x green juices, 3 x yellow juices, 3 x lemonade juices and 3 x cashew juices.

The Cleanse:
Day one was a breeze up until 6pm when I turned into a hungry werewolf, fortunately I had a Cashew Dream drink on hand that quickly satisfied my hunger – infact, I couldn’t even drink the whole bottle it was so filling.
Day two I woke up hungry and had a Pure Green juice which tied me over. I was feeling tired and slightly irritable come mid-afternoon but was otherwise fine. Also loving the Zesty Lemonade juice as a spicy ‘pick me up’.
Day three I started asking myself why I was doing the cleanse but muddled through and reminded myself it was the last day. By the evening I was feeling full of energy and planning my Breakfast the next morning!
Post cleanse I noticed my eyes were whiter and brighter, my energy levels were great and I’d lost that bloated feeling. Would definitely do the cleanse again.

The Juices:
Pure Green: Cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, lemon, apple, lettuce and spinach
Alkalizing, blood purifying and aids in detoxification process. Delicious apple taste.
Zesty Lemonade: Lemon, cayenne, agave, water
Refreshing spicy ‘pick me up’. Alkalizing.
Yellow Hit: Pineapple, Apple, Mint
The natural sugar content gives your body instant energy.
Cashew Dream: Cashew nuts, Vanilla, Agave nectar, Cinnamon, water
Tastes way too good to be part of a cleanse. Delicious and nutty dessert drink. To make your own smoothie try mixing half a bottle of Cashew Dream with ice in a blender.

If you’re in New Zealand and would like to do your own PHD cleanse check them out here.

For those of you in Australia I also recommend Lucky You juice cleanses.

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  1. gail gibbs says:

    Hi, you make the 3-day cleanse sound wonderful!
    Is there a company in North America that sells these juices?

    • Sarah Kapeli says:

      I’m not sure sorry, you could try juicing yourself if there are no companies offering ready made cleanses.

  2. F. Lee says:

    It really is a very beneficial item of data. I am glad you shared this useful information here. You need to keep us up to par such as this. Many thanks for revealing.

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