Joint Pain and Women

Did you know that women are not only more likely to suffer from joint pain than men but they also have a harder time finding the right treatment? I bet you also didn’t know that Joint pain is often in fact NOT a sign of aging or more serious conditions like arthritis but instead indicating a hormonal imbalance or severe inflammation.

“Women typically feel pain more intensively, more often, and in more parts of the body than men,” says Tarvez Tucker, MD, a pain specialist and director of the Pain Clinic at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, in Lexington.

Research shows that women suffer from joint pain far greater than men. The reason for this is that women experience more conditions that cause joint pain like hormone fluctuations. This also affects their vulnerability to joint pain and ability to deal with pain.

If you are experiencing joint pain is to first see the doctor and find out why it is it happening and taking their advice accordingly. You may want to also taking a look at your diet and consider natural herbal solutions. There are many good products on the market. See Nature’s Relief Glucosamine and Bee Venom Cream

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    After reading this article and going thru menopause at 54 i need to try something like Natures Relief Glucosamine if this is
    what menopause is about Oh dear !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have joint pains in my knees, lower back and ebows.
    I am trying Natural Tablets for hot flushers but would like to try the Glucosamine .
    Lovelly Hormones GIRLS

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