Japanese Potato: Pure Fibre, Zero Calories


Konnyaku (Japanese potato) is a fat-free, zero-calorie food, which has been used in Japanese dishes for over 2,000 years. Japanese potato, also known as the Devil’s Tongue plant, consists of 97% water and 3% glucomannan, a fibre in the form of a viscous substance. It also contains trace minerals like calcium and other important proteins.

The konnyaku’s glucomannan content is extremely cleansing and acts as an “intestinal broom” eliminating a considerable percentage of the calories you eat. Glucomannan is an incredibly dense, high fibre substance that expands to 200 times its size upon entering the digestive tract, much like psyllium husks. It absorbs carbohydrates and fats into the fiber and passes through your digestive system, the body regards them as fibre, and flushes them out of your body, along with any toxins in the digestive tract.

Konnyaku potatoes are cultivated for food only in Japan but also grow wild in many warm areas in southern China and Indonesia. Other health benefits include: normalizing cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics, preventing high blood pressure, cleansing the body and supporting weight management.

Try making your own delicious jelly with strawberries and konnyaku (see recipe below). Konnyaku noodles are also a healthy alternative to gluten pasta are also available at most wholefood stores or online here.

Berry Coconut Konnyaku Jelly recipe

  • 1 packet konnyaku jelly
  • 950ml C Coconut Water
  • 200g stevia powder or 150g of agave nectar
  • ½ cup of strawberry or boysenberry puree (mix berries in blender)

Pour 1 packet of konnyaku jelly powder into a pot. Add coconut water into the pot slowly. Using a hand whisk, stir continuously to prevent the mixture from becoming lumpy. Gradually add stevia powder or agave nectar and berry puree. Bring the mixture to a boil, then switch to low flame and stir for another 3 mins. Pour the mixture into the moulds until full. Allow jelly to set before placing into the refrigerator. For best result, leave the jelly in the refrigerator overnight. Remove from moulds and serve.

Konnyaku jelly powder is available online here.

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