Green Cleanse

With new years over its time to say hasta la vista to the Champagne, pastries and caffeine, and hello to green juices, vegetables and water. Oh yes indeed, it’s detox time.

Always a sucker for the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ natural health products I have tried just about everything when it comes to detox and detox formulas only to reach the conclusion that nothing beats good old fruit and vegetables. Fortunately, one of my job perks is that I get to create health food products that I’d use. With this in mind I decided to investigate which vegetables / herbs are the most detoxifying. The result was Green Cleanse capsules, a unique blend of Barley grass, Alfalfa, Psyllium, Liquorice root and Slippery Elm. Here’s what each ingredient does:

Alfalfa – Rich in chlorophyll it has strong blood cleansing and building properties. It contains all 27 vitamins and aminos, 28 minerals and antioxidants. Alfalfa is well known as a nutritive tonic, which cleanses and detoxifies the body.

Barley grass – Barley grass contains one of the highest known herbal quantities of blood purifying chlorophyll.

Psyllium hulls – Supports healthy bowel movements and improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Slippery Elm – A highly nutritive tonic food for all conditions of deficiency. It helps to rebuild the body at a cellular level and calms inflamation. High in niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamins E, F, and K. It also contains the minerals calcium, iron, sodium, selenium, iodine, copper, zinc, potassium.

Liquorice root – A natural anti-inflammatory which aids in the relief of muscle spasms and inflammation. Licourice root will help expel excess toxins and mucus from the bowel.

So if you’re half way through a detox or just starting one, Nature’s Relief Green Cleanse capsules will support your bodies cleanse and can even speed up the detox process. It’s recommended you take 2 capsules a day before Breakfast for 4 weeks. When doing a detox it’s important to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day (ideally you should aim for 2-3 litres) and include a generous portion of leafy greens with every meal. It hopefully goes without saying that you should cut out all sugar, caffeine and processed foods. Do this for 2 – 4 weeks and your body will be glowing after. Detoxing may leave you feeling low energy – especially if your body is used to running on sugar and caffeine. Take it easy by trying light walking, yoga or pilates.

Green Cleanse is available online here green-cleanse

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About the author
New Zealand based Nature Bee was born in 1997 when Jeff and Ben Cook joined forces. The father / son team discovered a special process developed by Canterbury University, still considered to be ground breaking today, that unlocks the nutrients of bee pollen, making it far more digestible than normal bee pollen. This proprietary process was later to be named the ‘potentiation process' and is continually used only by Nature Bee on their New Zealand bee pollen. Nature Bee is now available in almost every country in the world.

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