Gracious Goat

A relaxed and healthy weekend for me begins with a trip down to the Farmer’s Markets picking up fresh produce, mindlessly eating a pastry (or two) and fawning over the soft French Chevre (goat’s cheese). Now, I wouldn’t advocate scoffing pastries all weekend but I would recommend indulging in some Chevre.

My love of goat’s cheese is not purely taste driven – it’s also motivated by health reasons. Goat’s cheese is full of live probiotics (good bacteria) that improve your gut health and nutritionally, it’s superior to cow’s milk products because it is easier to digest. High in Calcium (containing approximately 13% more calcium per serving than cow’s milk) and Selenium (Selenium: being a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen the immune system and keep the heart healthy) goat’s milk cheese is a near perfect health food.

Like most, Winter is the time when my digestive health takes a royal beating (usually from antibiotics that obliterate all the good bacteria), so dosing up on probiotic foods like goat’s cheese and yogurt once or twice a day is the right answer. Let’s face it tripping down to the Farmer’s Markets once a week to buy delicious goat’s cheese isn’t exactly a chore.

Goat’s cheese can also be found at your local supermarket. For other goat’s milk products like yogurt try your local whole food store.

Goat Milk Quick Facts:

  • 13% more calcium than cow’s milk
  • 25% more B-6
  • 27% more antioxidant rich selenium
  • 47% more Vitamin A
  • 134% more potassium
  • 300% more niacin
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • More chlorine & fluorine, natural germicides, fluorine assists in preventing diabetes
  • Contains more silicon tuberculosis, found in cows and not goats
  • Neutralizes acids
  • Anti inflammatory properties
  • Potassium rich
  • Non allergenic
  • Good for lactose intolerant
  • Easily digested, great for elderly, children, infants, animals
  • Prevents high blood pressure
  • Relieves kidney disorders
  • Aids poor digestion
  • Relieves constipation
  • Reduces obesity
  • Nourishes & revitalizes dehydrated, damaged skin
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About the author
New Zealand based Nature Bee was born in 1997 when Jeff and Ben Cook joined forces. The father / son team discovered a special process developed by Canterbury University, still considered to be ground breaking today, that unlocks the nutrients of bee pollen, making it far more digestible than normal bee pollen. This proprietary process was later to be named the ‘potentiation process' and is continually used only by Nature Bee on their New Zealand bee pollen. Nature Bee is now available in almost every country in the world.

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