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Summer Detox


If the legs on your Santa sleigh are already starting to fall off then why not plan your new year’s detox now. Not only will it ease some of the guilt from the back to back nights of overindulgent eating and drinking, it’ll give you a healthy goal to kick off your new year right.

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Martini or Champagne? Top 4 ‘healthier’ alcoholic beverage choices

martini or champagne

Let’s begin by pointing out the obvious: alcohol is not healthy. Overindulging in alcohol is not healthy. Overindulging on a weekly or fortnightly basis is not healthy either. This guide is for those who lack the ability or will power to say no to a glass of Champagne or 5 over the silly season.

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Anti-cellulite Recipe: Bone Broth

broth soup

There are two words that should never be uttered in the same sentence: cellulite and bikini. The two words should always stay diametrically opposed. And with Summer nearing closer it’s time to begin the annual battle to get the cellulite off before the bikini goes on. And guess what you’re going to fight it with – bones and vinegar!

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8 Ways to Improve and Aid Digestion

Efficient digestion is essential to good health, yet many people live with digestive problems for years, thinking that there’s nothing else they can do. Infact digestion problems often go undiagnosed because these complaints are not “serious”. Symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, belching, flatulence, indigestion, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, the feeling of always being hungry are so common that they are seen as normal. Poor digestion equals a sluggish bowel that can retain kilos of old toxic fecal matter that can take its toll on our immune system and eventually leads to more serious disease. Here are 10 things you can do to improve your digestive system:

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Winter Weight Loss Guide

I don’t know about you but for me Winter is the time when I can easily go up a dress size if I’m not careful. It’s often too cold to go outside for a walk or run and too cold not to indulge in a delicious Otago Pinot Noir, hot chocolate… or a big hearty carby meal for that matter!

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Soup Savior

I know winter’s really set in when my kefir takes an extra day to culture, and I need a carving knife to hack into my coconut oil.  Gosh I hate the cold!

I concocted a delicious soup last night that helped to thaw my insides and warm my spirits.  Used some of my fresh batch of chicken broth.  Must say it was reeeeally good!  Here’s the recipe (rough measurements; adjust to your tastes)

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Low fat & Weightloss

Further to Sarah’s comment on ‘Low Fat’ foods (or “non-foods” as I prefer to call them), these do not support weight loss.  On the contrary, foods that have been processed and stripped of their fat can actually encourage the body to produce more fat.  It’s a subject that has been completely confused and abused.  There’s lots we need to relearn about fats, but to get you started, here’s a few simple tips to keep in mind to kick start your weight loss and improve your overall health also:* Incorporate cold-pressed coconut oil in your diet daily
* Choose butter (ideally organic and ‘cultured’) over olive oil (less conducive to fat production)
* Use extra virgin olive oil or avocado in your salad, not both
* Limit or avoid nuts while you’re trying to drop kilos
* Only ever cook with (heat) butter, ghee or coconut oil
* Eat raw fats like organic egg yolk, for their lipase content (the fat-digesting enzyme)

Saturated Fats are HEALTHY

Further to Sarah’s discussion, the fat-soluble vitamins are in the fat and the skin; and nutrients like Vitamin D, so long as it’s a true free-range organic in the case of chicken. However, don’t eat chicken too often. Being high in Omega 6 fats, it does not have the same health benefits and healthy fats as grass-fed beef.

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Myth: It is healthier to remove chicken skin before eating

FALSE. A chicken breast will always be lean—skinned or not. What’s more, 55 percent of the fat in the chicken skin is monounsaturated—the heart-healthy kind you want more of, says Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RD, Program Director for Strategic Initiatives at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

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4 Realistic Health Tips cont.

Water: Yes, remember to also “eat” your water!  The water contained in high-water-content foods such as cucumbers, will hydrate your cells fat better than any amount of tap water.  The co-factors such as electrolytes help to carry the H2O through the cell wall.  Also remember to limit / avoid the things that ‘dehydrate’ the cells in the first place: coffee, alcohol, table salt.

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