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48-hour Spring Cleanse

Green Vege Juice

If you’ve been feeling irritable, run down, or maybe even depressed and modern medicine hasn’t given you any relief then your body may benefit from a spring-clean. Everyday we’re exposed to thousands of toxins… from the chemicals in the coke zero you guzzled down at lunch to the car exhaust fumes you breathe in walking down the road. Those unavoidable pollutants can build up in your system over time and make you feel off kilter. A cleanse can restore balance in your body and get your health back on track.

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Top 3 Natural Cold Remedies

1. Omega 3 supplement
Popping an omega-3 supplement daily will ensure you are getting enough essential fatty acid’s that contain powerful immune-fortifying properties. According to a study by Britain’s Institute of Human Nutrition and School of Medicine, Omega-3 supplements can increase the activity of phagocytes (cells that fight flu by eating up bacteria). Other studies carried out show that omega-3 can protect lungs from colds and respiratory infections.
Try potent Nature’s Relief Omega 3 available online here

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Chocolate Fix


The Mayan’s called it ‘the Food of Gods’. The Aztec’s believed it would bring them power and wisdom. The French declared it a ‘dangerous drug’ and today we call it… dark chocolate. So this Valentine’s don’t worry about the silly roses just give me some 85% dark chocolate. *Please note: Other gifts of love or food still welcome. Read more…

Volcanic Clay Cleansing

Happily finding myself kicking back in Maui (miles away from Auckland’s spectacular weather) I have discovered that there’s nowhere better to detox than Hawaii…. infact, there’s nowhere better to do anything than Hawaii. So here I sit in the sunshine armed with my laptop and a cleansing coconut and spinach smoothie working away.

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Anti-cellulite Recipe: Bone Broth

broth soup

There are two words that should never be uttered in the same sentence: cellulite and bikini. The two words should always stay diametrically opposed. And with Summer nearing closer it’s time to begin the annual battle to get the cellulite off before the bikini goes on. And guess what you’re going to fight it with – bones and vinegar!

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Cleansing Solution: Cabbage Water

cabbage water

Feeling guilty about the weekends over indulgence? Buy a cabbage.

An issue (amongst many) with consuming too much alcohol is that it interferes with your body’s digestive system. Alcohol destroys a significant amount of good bacteria in the gut and can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. A simple health solution would be to avoid alcohol altogether, however for those who choose the less healthier path I have a greener solution – Cabbage water.

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Soup Savior

I know winter’s really set in when my kefir takes an extra day to culture, and I need a carving knife to hack into my coconut oil.  Gosh I hate the cold!

I concocted a delicious soup last night that helped to thaw my insides and warm my spirits.  Used some of my fresh batch of chicken broth.  Must say it was reeeeally good!  Here’s the recipe (rough measurements; adjust to your tastes)

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Love Shake to Get YOU in the Mood

Happy Valentine’s to you lovely ladies out there! I hope your day is going well and you’re in a cheerful mood.
My day is above average… no sign of any mad gestures of love from my partner (which I was expecting) BUT he did get me a Valentine’s card, well sort of, apparently he has not been written in yet due to lack of time (romantic!)… and he did make a half hearted offer to make dinner if “I wanted him to something like that” (reaaally romantic!).

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EMMA BE MY VALENTINE: Valentine’s Dinner menu

The most sensuous, but also nutritious, menu I could imagine, would go something like this:

Carpaccio of grass fed beef with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt flakes, lemon zest and a scattering of tiny leaves of fresh seasonal herbs

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JUICY DETOX TIP: Emma’s juicing tips

- With a conventional juicer, always consume your juice freshly made.

- Keep your juices vegetable based. For a little sweetness, adding one green apple can be enough to make it palatable without a huge sugar hit. Better still, add a few drops of liquid stevia.

- If you add carrot or beetroot, limit it to no more than 25%, otherwise the sugar content gets to high.

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