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Eat Chocolate for your Health

Doing the weekly grocery shop around Easter is always a very good test of will power! As I walked into the supermarket yesterday, bombarded with chocolate Easter eggs and being (what some people would term) a chocoholic I dig deep, very deep resisting the temptation to buy the whole display!

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NatureBee & Salvation Army Canterbury Earthquake Appeal

On Tuesday a second huge earthquake struck the Canterbury region devastating the homes and lives of many New Zealander’s. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key stated yesterday that this “may well be New Zealand’s darkest day”.

We are supporting The Salvation Army’s Canterbury Earthquake Appeal by donating $10 of every purchase of our 360 capsule bottle of NatureBee Potentiated Pollen. Please click here to purchase your NatureBee & help us help our fellow Kiwis!

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Share The Love This Valentine’s

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Nothing? Something? Don’t know?

I’m hoping to receive a card – at least. My partner doesn’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, I’m not overly taken with the tradition either but who’s against being spoiled by gestures of love for a day?

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New Year’s Resolution – D E T O X!

INSTANT PRIZE COMPETITION: Leave your New Year’s Resolution under ‘comments’ on this blog and you could win instant NATUREBEE and NATURE C prizes! Competition closes 20th of Jan.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! Have a happy and indulgent day!