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3-minute Superfood Dinner


Personally I think more things in life should be quick and easy… well some things, dinner being one of them. Spending an hour creating a healthy meal from scratch is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day mid week. When I’m in a rush or just can’t be bothered cooking dinner I have a Japanese inspired go-to meal. It only takes 3 minutes to make and is packed full with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, zinc and chromium. For a spicy touch try adding cayenne pepper and/or dried chilli.

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The Colon Cleanse


There are many different approaches to nutrition, from Ayurveda to Paleolithic, and they all have their own merit. My nutrition philosophy and approach is purely from a digestive perspective. Your digestive system is responsible for eliminating waste and toxins from the body, when this does not happen properly it seriously impacts your overall wellbeing, you may notice slow weight gain, low energy level, headaches, vitamin deficiencies and other such symptoms. Regularly consuming vegetable juices is a great way to help support and maintain healthy digestion. If you’re feeling heavy and bloated or just that your body needs a bit of extra something then you may want to try my colon cleanse recipe using bentonite clay.

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Juicy Fasting

Juice fasting or cleansing has become the detox method du jour and for good reason. Juicing is one of the fastest ways for our bodies to absorb essential nutrients from fruit and vegetables that support our overall health and immunity. Your body needs an array of different vitamins and minerals to sustain good health,juicing is a great way to concentrate those nutrients to get the benefits without having to eat 5 kgs of fresh produce a day.

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Yoghurt Culturing

If the feeling of being hung over is a familiar one of late then you may want to take a moment to consider your gut health. That one tequila shot you forgot about last Friday is like an atomic bomb to your digestive system.

Probiotics play an integral role in your digestive health. One of the best sources of this is homemade yoghurt. Store bought yoghurt, though convenient, contains less than half the amount of ‘live’ beneficial cultures than of homemade yoghurt.

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Body Rehab

After a long week of working late, a crazy weekend of promoting our Nature C Bee Venom Mask at the Healthy Living Show… topped off with a few rather late social occasions, my body is feeling a little worse for wear to say the least.  Usually after an exhausting week I can jump back into my normal routine relatively quickly. This time however, even after 2 solid nights of sleep, I’m still feeling like a train wreck. So, what’s my solution? ….vitamin C and coconut water!

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Herbal Rescue

Frequenting the local garden centres in the past would not have been my idea of a good time. However, I now seem to be at one with nature spending my weekends shopping for plants and potting mix. Maybe I’m getting older… who knows. I do however feel a burst of satisfaction each time I look over at my plant collection at home. Sure, the first few weeks experimenting with my plant fetish were touch and go… I couldn’t remember if the fern I bought from the markets went inside or out until a week later when it was lying near lifeless on the terrace.

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48-hour Spring Cleanse

Green Vege Juice

If you’ve been feeling irritable, run down, or maybe even depressed and modern medicine hasn’t given you any relief then your body may benefit from a spring-clean. Everyday we’re exposed to thousands of toxins… from the chemicals in the coke zero you guzzled down at lunch to the car exhaust fumes you breathe in walking down the road. Those unavoidable pollutants can build up in your system over time and make you feel off kilter. A cleanse can restore balance in your body and get your health back on track.

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Sparkling Mineral Water

There’s nothing like a cold glass of refreshing sparkling mineral water… other than a glass of Champagne. However, as a healthier topic of discussion let me talk more about sparkling mineral water and it’s cholesterol lowering and bone strengthening benefits. Only recently have I discovered a gem of a shop in Auckland called the Aquadeli that specialize in mineral water of all varieties imported and local.

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Bean Sprouts

Eating on the run is the norm these days, especially when you’ve got a full on work and home life. And as much as I try to make every meal a nutritious culinary experience packed full with goodness it is often a complete FAIL. So make the meals you do have time to prepare count with the help of bean sprouts.

Bean sprout aficionados can harp on and on about the health benefits of sprouts, and while they may seem overly enthusiastic much of what they say is true. A study conducted at Yale University by Dr Paul Barkholden found that B vitamins increased in sprouts by as much as 2000 per cent. Another study, at the University of Pennsylvania by Dr Barry Mack reported a general overall average vitamin increase of more than 500 per cent when seeds are sprouted”. Bean sprouts are also highly praised as a superfood in Ayuvedic health science. The guiding principle around the ancient health science is maintaining healthy digestion. According to Ayurveda the most nutritious foods are the ones we can easily digest (like bean sprouts). Sprouts are the very young shoots of germinated edible seeds from vegetables, beans or grains.

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Sweet Stevia

“A moment on the lips, an inch on the hips”…I must have heard this expression hundreds of times but what makes that ‘moment’ so damn good?! If you’re the kind of person who can never say no to dessert, never stop at the one piece of chocolate then I have a question for you… are you addicted to sugar?

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