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Travel: Choosing your inflight meal

Choosing your inflight meal

After a quickie business trip to Hong Kong last week I was left with a great appreciation for Cantonese food. Unfortunately however, I had to endure two-day long stomach pains as a result of an appalling choice of dinner (seafood soup) during my flight home. This bad choice serves as my inspiration for this week’s blog.

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Grazing and Metabolism

Grazing and Metabolism

Personal trainers say it. Many ill informed nutritionists harp on about it. Fitness magazines write articles about it and you’ve probably heard it a dozen times. They all say six small meals a day will speed up your metabolism and lead to weight loss. But guess what? It doesn’t and may even promote weight gain.

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Anti-cellulite Recipe: Bone Broth

broth soup

There are two words that should never be uttered in the same sentence: cellulite and bikini. The two words should always stay diametrically opposed. And with Summer nearing closer it’s time to begin the annual battle to get the cellulite off before the bikini goes on. And guess what you’re going to fight it with – bones and vinegar!

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Butter Lover


Butter makes you fat, raises cholesterol levels and clogs arteries right? – Wrong.

Ever heard of the weight loss supplement called CLA? Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) can help accelerate fat loss and is also known to act as a cancer fighting agent. Butter has an exceptionally high CLA concentration. Infact, adding a teaspoon of butter to your vegetables makes them healthier. The healthy saturated fat in butter assists your body in absorbing vitamins A, E, D,  K as well as other key minerals like calcium, magnesium, selenium and iodine. In short, to reap the benefits of these vitamins and minerals you need to include high quality saturated fat (like butter) in your diet. Including butter as part of your meal may also curb hunger. The fat in butter provides a steady form of energy, unlike the see-saw energy from carbohydrate foods like sugars and grains that can leave you feeling hungry shortly after.

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Cleansing Solution: Cabbage Water

cabbage water

Feeling guilty about the weekends over indulgence? Buy a cabbage.

An issue (amongst many) with consuming too much alcohol is that it interferes with your body’s digestive system. Alcohol destroys a significant amount of good bacteria in the gut and can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. A simple health solution would be to avoid alcohol altogether, however for those who choose the less healthier path I have a greener solution – Cabbage water.

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Is Aspartame bad for you?

We all know that too much sugar will make you fat but what will too much artificial sweetener do?

The debate as to whether or not artificial sweetener (or Asparatame) is bad for you still rages on however the general consensus is a BIG FAT YES! Here are a few facts I’ve dug up that may raise a few eyebrows.

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How to choose the best supplement for you

bee in flight

Google the word ‘vitamin’ and over sixty million search results will appear with the most outrageous health claims. With supplements like ‘Women’s Super Miracle Bullets’ boasting to boost libido, relieve PMS and improve your overall health (not joking, that product really does exist) it’s hard to know what to choose.

If you are going to take a supplement (or already do) it’s important to know what you’re taking. Many supplements are man made, indigestible and have nasty additives in them. So your first rule of thumb when buying supplements – go natural.

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Gracious Goat

A relaxed and healthy weekend for me begins with a trip down to the Farmer’s Markets picking up fresh produce, mindlessly eating a pastry (or two) and fawning over the soft French Chevre (goat’s cheese). Now, I wouldn’t advocate scoffing pastries all weekend but I would recommend indulging in some Chevre.

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Nuts About Coconuts

I have a new and unexpected food addiction: coconuts. Young (green), fresh coconuts that is. Anytime. Anywhere. And unlike most food addictions this one actually assists in weight loss and is anti-ageing.

Coconuts (specifically coconut oil) has been erroneously labeled unhealthy over the past 20 years because it is high in saturated fat- which we all want to avoid … right? However, the saturated fat in coconut oil is completely different from the type of saturated fat found in meats and other vegetable oils. The benefit of using coconuts (and coconut oil) for weight loss is the fact that it is easy to digest. The fat molecules in coconut oil are unique and unlike any other fats and oils. It requires fewer digestive enzymes to be broken down, so instead of being stored as fat, the body converts it straight into useable energy. And, not only is it easy to digest, coconut oil improves the body’s absorption of minerals and vitamins too.

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Last Chance to Win!

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