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Coconut Health Tonic

Coconut on tree

One of my favourite places to visit whenever I’m in Sydney is The Suveran. The Suveran is a dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, yeast free and grain free wholefood café. Sounds bad I know but the food these little hippy geniuses make is to die for. Each perfectly balanced meal is made from a delicious range of superfoods, spices, seeds, vegetables, free-range meats and sustainable seafood. You’ll even fall in love with the half broken ‘vintage’ décor.

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Gluten-free Curry With Kelp Noodles

Healthy cooking is easy and tastes great as well. Try this gluten-free recipe I recently came up with. It’s jam packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that’ll nourish your body. I love cooking with gluten-free kelp noodles as an alternative to rice noodles. Not only are they versatile but they are high in calcium. *Note – Kelp noodles are available at some local healthfood stores or online here

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Juicy Fasting

Juice fasting or cleansing has become the detox method du jour and for good reason. Juicing is one of the fastest ways for our bodies to absorb essential nutrients from fruit and vegetables that support our overall health and immunity. Your body needs an array of different vitamins and minerals to sustain good health,juicing is a great way to concentrate those nutrients to get the benefits without having to eat 5 kgs of fresh produce a day.

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Dummy’s Guide to Food Labeling

Nowadays there’s an abundance of ‘health foods’ on supermarket shelves, aisles dedicated to organics, yogurts ‘straight from the farm’ and an array of gluten-free, biodynamic, free-range, ethically harvested delights. But are they really healthy or is it food-marketing dancing on a fine line.

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Ice Ice Baby

Indulgent would be one word to describe this time of year… rapacious, spirited and inebriating would be others one may use. However fast (or loose) your December is travelling we could all do with a little less indulgence and a touch more moderation. So here’s a delicious (and moderate) idea to keep you cool this Summer: make your own healthy ice blocks and frozen yoghurt.

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Simple Green Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me you could easily spend hours agonizing over what to get everyone on your Christmas shopping list. So here’s some inspiration on how to keep it simple with a few thoughtful and inexpensive green gift ideas that are sure to please. Here’s my top picks…

Herb garden; from $25
Available from your local garden centre
I love giving plants as gifts… I always like to think the person I’ve given them to will be able to keep them alive longer than I could. Make your own beautiful herb garden to give as a gift this Christmas by picking up a couple of planted herbs and small pots from your local garden centre. Perfect for the gourmet chef who will enjoy fresh herbs on the window sill.

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Yoghurt Culturing

If the feeling of being hung over is a familiar one of late then you may want to take a moment to consider your gut health. That one tequila shot you forgot about last Friday is like an atomic bomb to your digestive system.

Probiotics play an integral role in your digestive health. One of the best sources of this is homemade yoghurt. Store bought yoghurt, though convenient, contains less than half the amount of ‘live’ beneficial cultures than of homemade yoghurt.

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Body Rehab

After a long week of working late, a crazy weekend of promoting our Nature C Bee Venom Mask at the Healthy Living Show… topped off with a few rather late social occasions, my body is feeling a little worse for wear to say the least.  Usually after an exhausting week I can jump back into my normal routine relatively quickly. This time however, even after 2 solid nights of sleep, I’m still feeling like a train wreck. So, what’s my solution? ….vitamin C and coconut water!

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BEAUTIFY: DIY Skincare Recipes

It can be hard to find an hour out of the day to sit down and really enjoy a bit of skin pampering from your local spa without worrying about the days to-do list… not to mention costly. Some of the most effective ingredients to use on your skin are the ones you probably already have in your cupboard or garden. Cucumber, manuka honey, oranges, eggs… they all work wonders. So why not try making your own skincare with these easy recipes below. My favourite is the Skin Firming Mask – leaves your skin feeling tight and radiant.

Moisturizing Cleanser
For all skin types
1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey UMF 5 or 10+ (this has antibacterial properties)
1 tablespoon Whole Milk
Warm up the honey until it becomes runny (not too hot!) by putting it in a small glass bowl, which is immersed in hot water (or a few seconds in the microwave). Mix the honey and milk well

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Cashew Milk

Always a sucker for new health promoting concoctions, I’ve noticed a trend lately with detox / cleanse programs like Phd Cleanse and Blueprint Cleanse promoting ‘dessert juices’, particularly ones with cashew milk as a base. Though I’m not a huge fan of cashews I do love cashew milk when it’s made the right way.

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